Production Process

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Production Process

High power battery cells:

1. long cycle life

2. steel case protect the battery from explosion

3. electrolyte uniformity high energy density

4. multi-layer high-temperature safety diaphragm

5. best positive and negative,smaller internal resistance


Intelligent BMS

1. Balancing function

2. Short circuit protection

3. Over charging protection

4. Over discharging protection

5. Over drawing current protection

6. Protect the battery from high temperature


Elaborately assembly process

1. shockproof and anti-broken plastic brackets make the battery easy to radiate

2. welded by nickel strips anti-rust lower resistance,longer serbing lige


Environmentally friendly materials      TINNED SILICONE WIRE

1. can beat the highest temperature at 200c and the lowest temperature at -60c

2. high temperature resistance anti-acid anti-aging long serving life

                                 EPOXY BOARD

1. Epoxy board keeps the battery in good shape

2. Xcellent insulation properties

3. High temperature resistance moisture resistance

                              PACKED BEAUTIFUL SHRINK FILM

1. Transparent industrial grade waterproof silicone package

2. Safe waterproof anti-aging high temperature resistance anti-acid

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