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The Application Difference Between 48V Lead-acid Battery And Lithium Battery
Jun 12, 2018

The application difference between 48V lead-acid battery and lithium battery

The biggest bright spot for the "thin edition" electric vehicle that is coming out quietly is the lithium battery. The reporter also noted that many people in the use of experience, battery aging, failure is the most headaches. In view of the rumor that the "new national standard" for exceeding the maximum speed, electric vehicles will automatically "power off" design, has not yet seen the corresponding "new car". Staff said that the most important improvement of lithium battery electric vehicles is to greatly reduce the weight of electric vehicles on the basis of ensuring riding mileage and power.

Compared with lithium batteries and traditional lead-acid batteries, the same standard 48V10AH batteries have almost the same performance and mileage. The weight of lithium batteries is only two kilograms, and the traditional lead-acid batteries are around 17 kilograms.

"Life" needs to be replaced for four or five years. In addition, the traditional lead-acid battery for 1 and a half years to two years, the performance of the attenuation of serious need to change, the dealer's "three packages" only 1 years; and lithium batteries generally normal use 4~5 years to change, "three packages" can be two years.

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