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Knowledge Of Explosion-proof Technology For Lithium Battery
Jun 12, 2018

Knowledge of explosion-proof technology for lithium battery

Characteristics of lithium ion batteries

Lithium is the smallest and most active metal on the chemical periodic table. Small volume, high volume density, widely welcomed by consumers and engineers. However, the chemical characteristics are too active, which brings great danger. When exposed to air, lithium metal will explode with intense oxidation of oxygen. In order to enhance safety and voltage, scientists have invented the use of graphite and lithium cobalt and other materials to store lithium atoms. The molecular structure of these materials forms a fine storage lattice of nanoscale, which can be used to store lithium atoms. In this way, even if the battery shell breaks down and the oxygen enters, it can not get into these tiny cells because of the oxygen molecules too large, so that the lithium atoms do not contact with oxygen to avoid the explosion. The principle of lithium-ion battery enables people to achieve high safety while achieving high capacity density.

When lithium ion batteries are charged, the lithium atoms of positive electrodes will lose electrons and become lithium ions. Lithium ions swim through the electrolyte to the negative pole, enter the storage cell of the negative pole, and get an electron, which is reduced to lithium. When the discharge is discharged, the whole program comes down. To prevent the battery from being short circuited by the positive and negative electrodes, a diaphragm with many pores will be added to prevent the short circuit. Good diaphragm paper can also automatically close the pores when the battery temperature is too high, so that lithium ion can not be crossed, so as to prevent the danger from happening.

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