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In Summer, Electric Vehicles Are Not Allowed To Be Exposed To The Scorching Sun For A Long Time.
Jun 12, 2018

In summer, electric vehicles are not allowed to be exposed to the scorching sun for a long time.

One. Regular care battery, although electric car battery is not maintenance, but after the use of the battery after half a year, with the continuous consumption of water, cause the occurrence of the plate vulcanization, softening, will cause the capacity of the battery and even failure. Timely replenishment or addition of small copper battery activator should extend the battery life to more than two years.

Two. Battery charge with the following: 1. battery is most afraid of loss of electricity, often maintain sufficient power to extend battery life. 2. when charging, the indicator light of the charger is red light first and green light. After the lamp turns green, it should ensure floating charge for 2 hours, which is good for inhibiting battery vulcanization.

Three. To prevent battery overcharging: 1. battery overcharge produces a large number of gases to scour the plates, and accelerates the falling off of active substances on the pole plate, thus shortening the life of batteries. 2. battery overcharge accelerated loss of water, resulting in electrolyte drying up and battery temperature rising, resulting in thermal runaway, plate expansion and shell deformation.

Four. To prevent battery from over discharge: in the use of battery car skills, can also extend the battery life. Long term deep discharge will cause the battery plate to soften and shorten the service life. 1. prevent large current discharge, try to use feet to assist in starting, uphill and headwind driving. 2. prevent long time discharges, do not often finish the electric drive. Charge the charge when the power is reduced to 1/2.

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