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How To Make The Battery Life Longer For An Electric Car?
Jun 12, 2018

How to make the battery life longer for an electric car?

1, we need to charge in time, and recharge seventy percent or so.

2, the car should not be stored for a long time, and it will be scrapped in more than two months.

3, can not often run over load, the standard weight of 75 kg, overload will cause the battery to retire early.

4. On rainy days, the water level on the road should not exceed that of the motor shaft, otherwise the motor will burn easily.

5, start with the help of manpower, so that the battery damage is slower.

6. After a week's ride on a new car, check the standard parts of the car.

Now ninety-five percent of the electric car battery is "lead-acid maintenance free valve controlled sealed battery", the battery does not need maintenance, can be used until it is scrapped.

As long as you do not often overload in use, do not deep discharge (that is, do not use up the electricity), it will not damage the battery!

It is also necessary to note that the battery can not be placed at rest for more than two months at most, and the damage to the full battery is smaller when it is stationary.

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