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How To Maintain An Electric Car Battery:
Jun 12, 2018

How to maintain an electric car battery:

1, first of all, the battery should not stick to water. If there is a wetting battery on rainy days, or when it is charged, touch the water and dry with a dry cloth.

2, overloading can not be exercised, especially if it can not be overloaded on the uphill section, because suddenly increasing the current will cause damage to the battery.

3, the battery charging time must be uniform. It can not be charged for 6 hours tonight, and it will charge 8 hours tomorrow. One charge must be filled and not filled, which will reduce battery life.

4, the use of an electronic repair device to repair, so that the effective decomposition of the battery internal lead sulfide crystal, lengthening the battery life (use proof can effectively extend the battery for about 2 years). The use of old batteries for a year or so may return to about 80% of the new battery state, and it will still be in use for about a year.

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