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How Long Is The Battery Life Of An Electric Car
Jun 12, 2018

How long is the battery life of an electric car

How long is the battery life of an electric vehicle? How can it prolong its life? Is it related to the charging time and frequency? What problems should we pay attention to at ordinary times?

The quality of the battery is a problem. The battery of the regular large manufacturers is more durable. That is because of the quality of the material. The battery life is normal, and it is measured by the number of heavy discharge of the battery. Want your battery life long, you should pay attention to and maintain in your usual use process. In the process of use, you should avoid urgent acceleration and slow speed up, which can avoid the instantaneous large current discharge of the battery. Don't run at the highest speed. Avoid the exhaustion of the battery. Avoid charging time too long (usually less than 10 hours). When you are not in use, you should fill up the electricity and store electricity. Add a bottle of water for half a year if you have a condition. Also, the electricity at low temperatures is usually 3/4 in hot weather.

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