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Electric Vehicle Battery Repair Method:
Jun 12, 2018

Electric vehicle battery repair method:

(1) high voltage charging, deep discharge repair method (suitable for battery car stroke reduction 1/2 battery) A can be charged for 8 hours with 60V charger 48V battery, B is discharged to 0V with light bulb or wire furnace wire, (a little electricity is not), separate or parallel discharge when discharge is discharged.

(2) battery reassembly method (suitable for battery cars with stroke reduction of 1/2 or more).

A selects the battery to drum up, replacing the old with the old. The battery load voltage is 11.4V - 12.7V, and the terminal voltage is about 13.2V. B can not run the battery car to run, set up the battery car empty, use the universal meter to measure each battery voltage respectively, select the lowest voltage battery, the old change the old, the battery load voltage in the 11.4V - 12.7V, the end voltage of about 13.2V.

(3) it is best to add small copper battery repair fluid to the above operation, so the effect is remarkable.

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