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Electric Bicycle Battery Is Easy To Use With The Battery
Jan 01, 2019

Electric bicycle battery is easy to use with the battery

Electric vehicles have become a convenient means of transportation for people, because it is suitable for all ages. Electric vehicles often need to be recharged because of their mileage.

There are different opinions on the charging issue. Some experts pointed out that the battery is used with the charger, which means that after use, regardless of the distance traveled, the battery should be charged, so that the battery is always fully charged. The battery voltage is relatively high and the battery discharge current is relatively small. Of course, this is a consideration on the one hand.

Some people in our county town work in the suburban factories, and the itinerary may be 5-6 kilometers. Once a day, it will be more than 10 kilometers. Because some people like to be cheap, they ride the car every day and then plug it in to make it charge. Then ride back in the afternoon and ride the next morning and charge again. This way is equivalent to what they say as they are used. This method is not good. As long as there is enough to go back and forth, there is absolutely no need to charge.

In my personal experience in selling electric vehicles for many years, electric vehicle charging is actually the best, with the remaining 30%-40%, the most reliable to charge. The battery has a limited number of charge and discharge cycles. Each cycle of charging and discharging counts. Excessive charging frequency has an impact on battery life.

There are basically electricity display or power indicator on the electric car. We probably have about 30%-40% remaining to charge, because the power to the back is lower. Because the battery voltage is relatively low, but to provide the corresponding power, and its discharge current will certainly be relatively large, so that the latter discharge will be relatively fast.

Some friends said that if I want to ride a little farther, such as tomorrow, I plan to ride 20 kilometers and 30 kilometers, is it necessary to follow this method. In fact, this is not the case. After all, this situation is a minority. If you want to run a long way the next day, then no matter how much electricity is in the battery, you will be charged at night. This ensures that there is no way to make a cart on the road without electricity.

Normally, we still recommend that the remaining 30%-40% go to charge. Of course, the battery must not run completely out of power, for example, some users have already riding the car to a meal, stop and go. This is completely power loss, and has reached undervoltage protection. Some users will continue to ride after the battery is pressed for a few minutes or a few minutes. This method is very wrong, because the battery has reached the undervoltage protection value, continue to ride, and the damage to the battery is very large. .

In terms of charging, we try to use less fast charging. The charging is ten minutes, which is equivalent to charging our ordinary charger for more than one hour. It can only be used occasionally as an emergency. Because it has a higher charging voltage, the current is also larger. I believe that the careful friends will see the quick charging station written on it, the coin is charged for ten minutes, and the single charge is up to ten yuan. Therefore, everyone should try to avoid the use of fast charge often.



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