The reasons for the charging equipment
Jun 12, 2018

The reasons for the charging equipment

The industry's widely circulated saying is that batteries are not worn out or damaged. In order to meet the short time and high capacity charging of the electric bicycle battery, it is necessary to increase the constant voltage value to 2.47V ~ 2.49V in the three stage constant voltage current limiting charging. In this way, the oxygen evolution voltage and the hydrogen evolution voltage of the negative plate are greatly exceeded. In order to reduce the charging time, some charger manufacturers have increased the current of the constant voltage to the floating charge, and make the charging indicator full of electricity and make up for the floating charge voltage. In this way, the charging voltage of many chargers is more than 2.35V of single cell voltage, so there is a large amount of oxygen evolution in the floating charge stage.

And the oxygen circulation of the battery is not good, so it is also constantly exhausting in the floating charge stage. The constant voltage is high, which ensures the charging time, but at the expense of water loss and sulfuration. The constant voltage value is low, and charging time and charging power are difficult to guarantee. On the basis of improving the battery grid alloy, improving the gas evolution potential, improving the oxygen cycle performance and improving the efficiency of the sealing reaction, the maximum charge voltage of the charge is under 2.42V, that is, below the hydrogen evolution potential. This will inevitably lead to the prolongation of the charging time. It is necessary to add the depolarized negative pulse in the state of high current charging (current limiting charging), improve the charging acceptance of the battery, and shorten the charging time when the large current is charged. 70% of the 2C current is charged. When the battery has a relatively high capacity to receive the charge, the battery is charged with high current and the damage to the battery is relatively small. The battery is basically not higher than the serious hydrogen evolution voltage.

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