Reasons for the production of folding electric bicycles
Jun 12, 2018

Reasons for the production of folding electric bicycles

Most of the car's controllers have a line loss plug, and many dealers take the speed limit to attract customers. Some car factories simply remove the speed limiter out of the factory. It can not only attract the customers who see the speed of the car, but also reduce the cost. The car can reduce the battery life seriously when it runs at high speed.

The minimum protection voltage of 12V lead-acid battery is 10.5V. If it is a 36V battery, the minimum reserved voltage is 31.5V. At present, the under voltage protection voltage of the controller in most car factories is also 31.5V. On the surface, this is correct, but in fact, when the 36V battery pack has only a 31.5V voltage, because the battery has a poor capacity, it will certainly have a battery voltage below 10.5V and the battery is in a over discharge state.

At this time, the capacity of the battery has dropped rapidly. The damage to the battery is not only the single battery, but also the whole battery life. In fact, after the battery voltage is less than 32V, it reaches to 27V. The added capacity of the battery is less than 2 km, and the damage to the battery is very large. As long as there is such a situation, the 10 time, the battery capacity will be lower than the nominal capacity of 70%.

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