Other reasons for the folding of the charging equipment
Jun 12, 2018

Other reasons for the folding of the charging equipment

Many batteries can get better results in the monomer test. However, for the battery pack, the difference in capacity, open circuit voltage, charge state and degree of vulcanization will be expanded in the battery pack, and the single experience of state difference affects the whole battery, and the life of the battery is significantly reduced.

From battery charging on the production line, it takes many links to use this time after the user buys a car. The interval is even for a few months. During this period, a lot of lead sulfate produced by the battery is accumulated and crystallized as the battery is not supplemented. The new battery that the user has just bought may be already aged or even reported. Battery。

When the battery manufacturer is implementing quality assurance, the recovery battery is not completely eliminated. After the return of the battery, the battery manufacturer recharged the charge and discharge test. In the test, more than 60% of the single cell was found to be a battery that did not meet the return condition. The reason is that in the series of batteries, individual batteries are lagging behind and the whole battery function is reduced, which leads to the whole group retreating. Many battery manufacturers have retreated battery pack, replenishment, sulfur removal and packaging, and then re supply to users to improve battery life, reduce scrap rate, reduce the loss of battery manufacturer's partial claim, so many dealers have felt that the battery provided by the manufacturer is not as good as a generation. One generation.

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