Main characteristics of electric vehicle battery-2
Jun 12, 2018

Main characteristics of electric vehicle battery

High charging and discharging frequency

Batteries used in backup power supply only discharge when power fails. If the electricity is stopped 8 times a year to achieve 10 years of life, only 80 cycles of charging life will be achieved, and the charge and discharge cycle of electric vehicles will be more than 300 times a year.

Short-time charging

Because the electric bicycle is a vehicle, the charging time is not much, to complete the 36 volt or 48 volt 20 AMV in 8 hours, it is necessary to increase the charge voltage (usually a single 2.7~2.9 volt), when the charging voltage exceeds the single cell's oxygen evolution voltage (2.35 volts) or the hydrogen evolution voltage (2.42 volts), the battery will be overdue. Oxygen evolution and valve opening exhaust cause loss of water, increase electrolyte concentration, and aggravate the sulfidation of the battery.

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