Main characteristics of electric vehicle battery
Jun 12, 2018

Main characteristics of electric vehicle battery

1. deep discharge

The lead-acid batteries used on automobiles only discharge in one direction when they are ignited. The power generation after ignition can automatically charge the battery without causing deep discharge. Electric bicycles cannot be charged when riding, and often exceed 60% of deep discharge. When deep discharge occurs, the concentration of lead sulphate will increase and sulfuration will be quite serious.

2. large current discharge

The 20 kilometre cruising current of an electric vehicle is generally 4A, which is already higher than the battery working current in other fields, and the electric current of the overspeed overloaded electric vehicle is greater. Battery manufacturers have carried out cycle life tests of 1C charging 70% and 2C discharge 60%. After such a life test, the battery can reach 350 times life cycle, but the actual effect is far away. This is because the large current will increase the discharge depth by 50%, and the battery will accelerate vulcanization. Therefore, the battery life of electric tricycle is shorter, because the body of the tricycle is too heavy, and the working current is more than 6A.

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