Increase the amount and proportion of lead oxide in positive plate.
Jun 12, 2018

Increase the amount and proportion of lead oxide in positive plate.

The addition of lead oxide increases the electrochemical reaction materials involved in the discharge, and also increases the discharge time and increases the capacity of the battery.

Through these measures, the initial capacity of the battery meets the capacity requirements of the electric bicycle, especially the characteristics of the large current discharge of the battery. However, with the increase of the plate, the capacity of sulphuric acid is reduced, and the heating of the battery leads to a large amount of water loss. At the same time, the probability of the micro circuit and the bridge of the lead branch of the battery has increased. Increasing the proportion of sulfuric acid increases the initial capacity of the battery, but the sulphidation is even more serious. One of the most basic principles of sealed batteries is that after the positive plate is dissolved in oxygen, oxygen is directly absorbed to the negative plate and is reduced to water by the negative plate. The parameter of the battery is called the "sealing reaction efficiency", which is called the "oxygen cycle". In this way, the battery has very little water loss and has achieved "no maintenance", that is, no water is added.

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