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60V Electric Bike Battery

Samsung Lithium Ion Battery

Samsung Lithium Ion Battery

Product introduction: High power lithium ion battery. P roduct Description: Product Details Show: Lithium ion battery features • Lighter weight smaller size: half size of lead acid battery, • Clean and Green energy, no toxic material contained. • No memory effect, highly efficient charge...
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Samsung  lithium ion battery. 

We are a battery manufacturer in huzhou,zhejiang,China.

Main products : Customized Lithium ion battery packApplications:
Escooter, E-bike, LED lights, Solar street light, UPS, back up battery Etc. widely used for our daily life.

10Ah, 12Ah, 16Ah, 20Ah, 24V, 36V, 48V are available  Customizes shapes, capacity, and voltage are accepted.


Long life, large capacity and good impact resistance

Low self-discharge and good discharge performance at low temperatures

Powerful charging and fast charging capability

Strong over-discharge resistance and charge retention

Maintenance free, maintenance without acid or water

Excellent high current discharge performance, with obvious advantages in starting and climbing

High temperature performance

Environmental protection

Lighter weight and smaller size

Safest, no explosion, no fire


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