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48V Electric Bike Battery

Electric Bike Battery 48v 20ah

Electric Bike Battery 48v 20ah

Product Introduction Electric bike battery 48v 20ah. P roduct Description: Our factory Contact us: SHERRY E-MAIL: MP: +86 13757222845 TEL: 0086 572 6227815 ADD: workshop 2, science park, taihu rd, changxing, zhejiang, china
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No memory effect;

High energy density, low internal resistance;

Excellent safety performance, no explosion, no fire;

Flexible to make battery packs with different voltages, capacities and sizes;

Long cycle life, continuous discharge after 2000 cycles, 70% of the remaining nominal capacity.

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1. Use at temperatures below 40 ° C, fully charged before long-term storage or if stored for more than three months

2. If any single cell voltage is found to be below 2V at room temperature, the battery has been over-discharged or self-discharged due to certain defects/parasitic loads. Stop using until you can correct the fault and recharge

3. Store in a well-ventilated, dry, clean area with a temperature between -20 ° C and 40 ° C to ensure the longest service life. Self-discharge will accelerate at higher temperatures

4. Do not expose the battery to extremes

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