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36V Electric Bike Battery

36V 6Ah Lithium Ion Battery

Product I ntroduction E-bike battery 36v 6Ah Li ion battery product in mini Ebike charging for long Battery life. P roduct D escription: D etails of products: W hy choose us: FAQ 1. Q: Can I have a sample order? A: Of course. 2. Q:What's the delivery time for mass production? A: Usually...
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Product Introduction

E-bike battery 36v 6Ah Li ion battery product in mini Ebike charging for long Battery life.


1) Environmental friendly

2) High density of energy

3) Light weight
4) Low self-discharge
5) Low internal resistance
6) Long cycle life, chargeable up to 1000 times

7) No memory effect

8) Doesn’t contain Mercury, No fire, No explosion, No leakage




1. Emergency power supply, LED lights and flashlights: headlights, emergency lights, solar flashlights, searchlights, lanterns, bicycle lights, flashlights, high-end lights, military flashlights

2. Home appliances: electric vacuum cleaner, electric sweeper, water meter, gas meter, electric children's toy, electric heating shoes, electric electric car, TV remote control (remote control)

3. Consumer applications, communication and telephony equipment: MPS, tablet, laptop, Bluetooth headset, mobile power, portable DVD player, speaker, microphone, audio equipment, audio, digital camera

4. Outdoor sports products: camping lights, mountain bike lights, solar emergency lights, self-defense flashlights

5. Electronic tools and electric transport vehicles: electric bicycles, electric vehicles. Electric scooter, electric motor

6. Solar law, remote control

7. Medical equipment

8. Backup power supply

9. Electrical and hobbies

10. UPS, GPS

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